Scabies: My Story, My Battle, My Succuss.


My Scabies Horror story

Summer 2012:

 After another failed attempt, to straighten a sideways relationship, one with my daughter’s mother. I find myself laid off and also homeless in the process. During which time I am recognized through area media outlets for my efforts. These effort and links to stories can be found at the end of this wring. After being unemployed, for a number of long moths, I landed a full time position as an RF Welder. I remained homeless and living in my car for a few more long weeks. Mainly so I could save up enough take my daughter to A Day Out With Thomas and a few other things for her 3rd birthday. After my next check I started staying where I believe contracted the Scabies parasite, a hotel/rooming house. At first I didn’t know what was going on, it began subtle; a little itch here, a little itch there. Then came the severe itching! Mostly at night, but to the point I would wake myself up with the scratching. I would wake with these excoriated lesions. Nearly thought I had the T-Virus from Resident Evil: feels burning and itchy at night. Soon I wasn’t able to sleep, so then I began to search and search to find out what it could be. I weeded through countless threads, post, blogs and more. I felt like Neo searching for the answer, “What is the Matrix” Only to come back to the same answer, Scabies!

So after continued research I concluded this parasite had to be treated medically; however there are other possible natural remedies. So I continued with my scabies nightmare to the E.R only to be told they couldn’t see anything, my excoriated lesions were from scratching but not from an STD. They prescribed some Benadryl to help with the itch. Had me urine in a cup “just in case”, then told me to come back if things got worse.I was sent away feeling very ambivalent with continued questions...

So, what do I have?

What about my daughter?

What about co-workers?

The Machine I operate?!! (More on that next)

So I went a few more weeks only to get worse by the day. The initial treatments with essential oil I tried had no real effect on the mites themselves, but did help with the rash, itch and overall healing of the excoriated lesions. The biggest problem/challenge I personally found was functioning through my 8 hour work day (including that of a half day on Saturday). That problem being, the RF Welding machine I operate!!

The RF energy/frequency/heat of the machine gives off something that drives the mites crazy!! I could feel them jumping around under/on my skin every time I cycled it! This I can assure you is awful feeling to endure 8 hours at a time!!! So my exhausting and never ending search continued in trying to find an immediate cure!! Of which there was none! There was however countless horror stories, lots of spam ads,” buy this to treat your scabies”, and a number of try this or try that! I treated and tried all kinds of things at first, if it sounded good or logical (and even if it didn’t I was so desperate to ride myself from these vile things!). Next I found a clinic that was open late and after work, off I went, at this point I was desperate, exhausted, broke and out of options. At this “quick clinic”, the Dr. nearly immediately knew what I was suffering from and claimed to have them once with her children. She prescribed a .5% Permethrin cream, told me to apply it improperly, which left me with these horrid parasites weeks later and WORSE! From my continued research and now experience I’ve learned, one prescribed treatment typically isn’t enough, and most times Dr’s don’t properly inform patients due to lack of knowledge or maybe its ignorance?

Notice: if you take poor patient information, improper care and or use and add these factors together you can see that they lay a tribute to a number of treatment failures and patient re-infestations, thus leading to additional visits to the clinic and further treatments! Notwithstanding these treatments are pesticides/insecticide with potentially harmful carcinogens, with perhaps even cancer resulting from use?

So, now a repeat trip to the clinic. She was baffled to the point I was infected and prescribed an oral “treatment” pesticide, 12mg Ivermectin/Stromectol. I did receive some relief with this, only to be literally crawling about two days later. Likely to poor care of my living space, my auto, and my clothing? This leading back to my precious notation, Poor patient care! Even after explicitly asking for the very same Dr. from my first trip to the clinic. (She claimed to have had them with her children once, remember?). I ask of her, nearly begged and pleaded for any tips or advice, anything to help rid me from them. NOTHING! All she had to add “Be sure to wash and dry your clothes on hot”…

Throughout this whole time I’m trying alternate and natural remedies to rid myself from these awful parasites, methods and remedies like saunas, oils, soaps and more. I spent nearly every penny I earned on washing clothes, buying medication, oils, saunas, and supplies etc. I had very minimal relief but it did help prevent the parasites from fully infesting me; the same parasite that’s been systematically ruining me, my body, and psyche. I tried nearly everything I read, Save for things like? Bleach scrubbing or bath(s). Nor did I try the nicotine/tobacco rub, or anything else that sounded like an assured ER visit. Now visit number three to the same clinic, now asking for a different Dr. because I was at my end! I’ve been losing lots of time out of work. I’ve missed out on a number of weeks with my amazing 3 year old daughter. Now keep in mind this is all around the holidays, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years! All this time I was not able to see my daughter, already with the possibility I already passed it to her, I had with ever minute I could me before I found out what I had! ??????

With clinic visit number three and no car! (Probably dying at a good time eliminating contamination) I went in armed with the knowledge and a plan of which I’m going to pass on here. I asked for another dose of Ivermectin, this Dr. gave me 15mg this time. Of which I took again on an empty stomach while I was prepping the rest of the living area, clothing, bedding, solutions and more! I systematically went through things the best I could to avoid cross contamination.

This entire experience has taken from me and ruined a lot! But it has taught me a lot also! Some of which I am going to share free of charge to help anyone, anyway I can.

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Thank you for reading and your time, Good Luck and God Bless.